About Us

The team at C7 Projects is head up by Steve Burge based in Cheltenham who has spent many years working with trades within the construction world.  Fully qualified in project management, the processes of work come naturally to him. Working with budgets, timescales and bespoke briefs.

Originally working with architects for commercial fit outs, Steve found his passion for the private sector working on home improvements with extensions, interiors and more recently projects that allowed people to develop their homes that needed to evolve with the times we're currently working in.  Extending the home for work needs or growing families, this is an area that Steve knows all too well.  Making a property work for your individual needs is at the forefront of C7 Projects.

Recent projects have included a complete renovation on a 1950's bungalow in Cheltenham that involved taking the entire building back to its' core enabling the client to have their specific requirements.  Have a chat to Steve about this project, because it included a complete refit, electrics, plumbing, carpentry, kitchen... you name it everything needed changing, but wow it was worth it.

Another project that came about during the 2020 lockdown was building home office solutions.  Our client's brief came to C7 projects via a referral for home working.  The client's house was a normal busy family home but it lacked any space to introduce a private workplace.  Steve discussed ideas with the client and they came up with the Garden Home Office Studio.  So our client can work in their own space without any disturbances from everyday family noise!

Steve gets stuck into every project.  From labouring to finished paintwork, he's there to ensure the job gets done.  So rather being there to just oversee projects, he's involved throughout the whole journey.  You'll generally see him with either paint or brick dust covering him but always with a happy smile.